Your Apartment Check In

Welcome to SEEGER Living! One of the advantages of our apartments: With us you can check in comfortably and quickly at the self check-in machine. Not only is it convenient and flexible for you, but also cost-effective – a price advantage that we pass directly on to you. Here, we explain how to check into your booked apartment in Karlsruhe.


Easy and Flexible Check-In

This step-by-step video clip shows you how to check in with our machine in Karlsruhe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Check-In machine located?

You can find the check-in machine outside the entrance of Karlstraße 42-44 in 76133 Karlsruhe. After checking in, you will receive the address of your apartment on your check-in receipt.

When can I check in?

Check-in starts at 3 pm.

How does the check-in process work?

First, you select your language on the machine display and click “Check In”. Then you follow the instructions on the screen. You will only need to give the last name from your booking confirmation.

After entering your information, you can check your reservation details and proceed to pay by credit or debit card directly at the machine. Please note that cash payments are not possible.

Your room card will now be printed with the check-in receipt, which you should read and keep. On this receipt you will find the address of your apartment, the room number and the WLAN password.

How does the check-out work?

For check-out, simply leave your room card on the table in your apartment and close the door behind you.