The ultimate sweet temptation - Waffelwerk Karlsruhe

Today was finally the first "Cheat-Day". So I did something I had planned for weeks. I tested the Waffelwerk in Karlsruhe. The Waffelwerk is located very close to the Ludwigsplatz. That is, I could walk there from my apartment on time, which I did.

Once there, a bit hit me - the choice is huge. Whether waffles with fruits, chocolate, sauces, different toppings. It leaves nothing to be desired. To drink, I can recommend you in advance ever a homemade lemonade, which was super delicious. A waffle (consisting of waffle, sauce, 2 fruits and 2 toppings) costs € 5.90. That's more than fair. The portions are sumptuous - the taste of absolute madness.

Of course, I had to go home in spite of "Cheat-Day" - you've already heard it: Learn. I count the days until the last exam, when I have only 3 weeks vacation. In the evening my best friend visited me in my downtown apartment. We chat a bit about news and drank a glass of wine. Then this day was already over. Starting tomorrow, it will again be no carbs and low in calories.

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