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The Hotspot in Karlsruhe

Hello everybody,

Today I'll get back to you with a recommendation for the top location in Karlsruhe. The Ludwigsplatz is located in the middle of the city center. Here you will find the right one for every occasion. Whether good food, delicious cocktails, clubs, sports bars - you will always find something. I like to be in the Aposto. Here are really delicious pizzas and the cocktails are incredible. By the way – the Happy Hour starts at 21:30 at the Aposto. That means you get cocktails for about 5 €. On the weekend you should book here rather as it is always very crowded.

From my downtown apartment, I reach the Ludwigsplatz in less than 5 minutes. Especially students meet here on the weekend to celebrate, but also during the week there is always something going on.


In the center of the square is a fountain that was designed in 1824 by Friedrich Weinbrenner in Neo-Gothic style. Friedrich Weinbrenner is also the namesake of the place.



Marcel :)

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