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The ECE Center - Shopping XXL

Hello everybody,


everything fine? Christmas is coming soon, and of course, as every year, everyone has organized their gifts 3 weeks in advance, so it will not be stressful in the end. Sure - I would bet 90% is not so. But today you get from me the ultimate tip, so you can take things a little bit more relaxed. The ECE-Center in Karlsruhe will help you. With over 130 shops you will find something for everyone. In addition to countless clothes shops, there are also "Fancy" shops like the "Elbenwald" in which you can buy style in the "Lord of the Rings" style.

Also if you are hungry the Ettlinger Tor is provided. On the ground floor you will find a whole "food department" with everything your heart desires.


It is always open from 10 am to 8 pm, and even until 10 pm on Thursdays. And for those who still can not make it on time - even on 24.12 is open.


The ECE center is actually in the middle of the city center - which has the advantage that I can always bring my purchases directly to my downtown apartment.


That's it for me again today,


See you


your Marcel

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