The Bratar Karlsruhe - Bratar Karlsruhe - the best burger in town

Bratar Karlsruhe - the best burger in town

Hello everybody,

everything fine? Yesterday I invited a few buddies to my home in my apartment with kitchen. We wanted to make a burger dinner and enjoy the evening - an absolute disaster. We have planned nothing and a purchase was not really made. So we decided to go to the Bratar at short notice and eat there. I've been there a couple of times and so much in the lead, it's absolutely recommended.


For now, in the center of Karlsruhe, there are 2 Bratar. 1 is located directly on Ludwigsplatz and the other is in the ECE Center. In addition to really delicious food, there is also a small cocktail menu. In general, the Bratar serves as a steak and burger restaurant - but personally I find the burger unique. I did not eat steaks there either.


You could say that the order runs in the "modular system" and you assemble the burgers yourself. Whether double or triple meat, different cheeses or different side dishes - the Bratar leaves nothing to be desired. In addition, they also have a lunch menu for the slightly smaller hunger.

On the whole, absolutely recommendable.


Until next time,


your Marcel

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