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The Aposto Karlsruhe - The Hotspot Bar in Karlsruhe

Hello everybody,


I hope you're fine. Yesterday I was in one of the IN bars in Karlsruhe. The Aposto. From my downtown apartment, I reach it in under 5 minutes, because it is located directly on Ludwigsplatz.

The Aposto stands for delicious pizzas, great cocktails and many people. Especially the happy hour has it all in-you have to test. But what is also great, is the breakfast. It is there every day and leaves nothing to be desired


Whether salmon, eggs or sausage - everyone definitely comes here to their liking.

If you want to eat a snack at miday, you can also have a look at the miday´s menu.

You MUST try the Aposto Cooler.

A delicious cocktail - my absolute favorite. Of course it is currently cold but in summer there is also one of the largest terraces in the city center of Karlsruhe. I guess that there will certainly be 400 people.

Maybe I should tell you that in spite of all this you should bring some time. Since there is always a lot going on, waiting times are (unfortunately) not unusual.


Until next time


Your Marcel

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