Primark Karlsruhe - The bare shopping madness

Today, as promised in the last blog, I want to tell you a little bit about the Primark in Karlsruhe. The Primark is located 5 minutes walk from my downtown apartment away and in the Postgalerie. In Primark you can buy mega favorable clothes. But the whole thing also has a hitch. Often the fashion chain was already involved in scandals. Be it the reproach of child labor or calls for help sewn from the labels from some dubious sewing shops in Bangladesh. Of course, I do not want to ignite a principle of dissociation in which we talk about what is morally right or wrong. Everyone should decide for themselves. What I find admirable is that people from all over Germany travel to Karlsruhe for this shop and then change their clothes. Every now and then if something is missing for the celebration and not much money should be spent, I'll get something for me as well. Or for Halloween, I bought a shirt there, because it requires no "Olymp" quality. What I can say in any case is that the shop is always full and you should bring some time. You can take a look at it and see for yourself

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