Patient days in the examination phase - The horror

The exam phase is getting closer and the learning days are getting shorter and shorter. To make matters worse, I have now caught a real flu, so I'm lying completely flat for 3 days now. Nonetheless, it has to go on. So I walked quickly to the pharmacy this morning and got me Grippostad. As you have to say, my downtown apartment offers many benefits. Not even 2 minutes walk and I arrived at the pharmacy. When I got home, I lay down for an hour and then I felt a little better. So then could start a long day of study. In the evening I cooked something for myself. Since my diet is still running naturally without carbohydrates. Beef steak with a broccoli puree. The absolute madness. Since my brother had signed up for the evening - to bring more "pick-me-up" from my mother, I did it for 2 people. He also liked it. After the meal we gambled a bit. After a few extensive rounds of FIFA, he went back home and I went to bed. Tomorrow has to be learned again.

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