Fast and good lunch? - The Unimensa on Moltkestrasse

Today it had to be fast again. So I decided to leave my inner city apartment a little earlier and make a little detour in the cafeteria in front of the university. Since it is always crowded at 13 o'clock, I'm already at 12 o'clock. I got the "Gut &Günstig". 3 Maultaschen with onion sauce and salad for 2.50 €. What more do you want. You do not have to be a student at KIT or college to eat there. The food is a bit more expensive for non students though. It still remains cheap and in my opinion a great alternative to the more expensive lunch tables in regular restaurants. Strengthened by the lunch, I then listened to 2 lectures and then made myself on the way back to my apartment on time and have the evening in peace end.

At the weekend I decided to drive away - let's see if it works.

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