Escape Room - Unbelievable fun with mind puzzles

Escape Room - Unbelievable fun with mind puzzles

Hello my dears,


today it is the feast of love. Families come together. Therefore I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Merry Christmas with your family. Also I will leave my design apartment in Karlsruhe today once and go to my parents. If I still miss any gifts, I wish you every success - that may torture itself again today in the Karlsruhe city center - which has until 14 clock open.

But for many, Christmas also means holidays for some, some go skiing, others just stay home and relax. Maybe you want to try it with an escape room. That says nothing to you? Escape Rooms are activities in which you are locked in a group in a room and must solve this by solving puzzles. But it is important that the participants have a little bit in mind and above all can think logically. Once this is done, fun is guaranteed. I myself was at "Plan B Escape Rooms" a few weeks ago. I do not want to give away too much, because you do not have to go anymore, but that's it, it was so much fun.

Since the game is of course limited in time - and to 1 hour, it is of course all the better if you are close to it (like us). I'll give you the address of "Plan B" below.


That was it from me again. I wish you just like Merry Christmas again. I'll get back to you after the holidays.


See you,


your Marcel

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