Enchilada Karlsruhe - An Mexican pleasure

Enchilada Karlsruhe - An Mexican pleasure

Hello everybody,


soon the time has come and holy evening is coming. Before that, I would like to get back to you and recommend a restaurant in which I have been one time or another. So too yesterday. My brother was with me and we spent a "lazy day" in my downtown apartment. In the evening we had but still something to do and since then at some point the hunger came, we have decided to walk the 5 minutes to Enchilada.

The Enchilada offers Mexican cuisine at a humane price. Whether fajitas, taccos, burritos or a simple salad - you will find it regardless of the taste.


After the meal there was still a cocktail or two and as it is with my brother and me more often, was at 23 o'clock.

We then went back to my house and watched another movie.

Oh yes, if you go to the "Enchi" on Mondays, you can roll your cocktail prizes - and yes, then it may be that a cocktail costs only 1 €.


Spend a nice Christmas with your families, I'll call you on Christmas Eve but again.


Until then,


your Marcel

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