Daredavil action at the Christmas Market - The flying Santa Clause

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Hello everybody,


Today I'll get in touch with you and would like to report something to the topic "The Flying Santa Claus in Karlsruhe - a unique action that is not anywhere else.

Maybe first of all a little Background: The Flying Santa Claus is made by the well-known artist family "Traber".

Every year, the head of the family Falko Traber "flies" on a steel cable with a sleigh and reindeer over the Christmas market. The whole thing takes place every day at 17 o'clock and at 19 o'clock. Especially for the little ones, this is something special every year when Santa Claus flies over their heads. The Traber family has become known worldwide through their daredevil actions. In 2002, Falko Traber balanced for 13 days and the next at a stretch on a tightrope over a tiger cage. In another action he walked in Brazil on the rope of the cable car which leads to the Sugar Loaf. It should exist documents that prove that the family is already over 500 years in the "high wire business".


Generally, I can highly recommend this show to you. Best with a delicious mulled wine. After the show, I was still in a downtown hotel in Karlsruhe and have indulged in a delicious cocktail.


See you next time,


Yours Marcel

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