A new year with new intentions

A new year with new intentions

Happy New Year 2019! I hope you slipped in well and the hangover the next morning was not that bad. With us the break was until 6 o'clock. But I was really happy when I had my downtown apartment for me again and my buddies were all gone. Despite all that yesterday was tidying up then announced. Here came again 3 buddies - so the whole thing was done also relatively fast. After not even 60 minutes we were ready again. We made then with the stock of the fondue from the evening before a incredible good noodle soup and then the guys are gone again. They were all pretty much done too.

What about with you? What have you taken for New Year resolutions? For me, I would like to get rid of the Christmas pounds again and that's why I went directly to the gym this morning. I would also say that most of the intentions are not implemented anyway, so maybe you should stack something smaller.

I wish you all much success in the implementation.

From tomorrow I will be back at the university and have to learn for the upcoming exam phase. Since "happy" you are already animal on it again.

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