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The Marrakesch Karlsruhe

Hello everybody,


my name is Marcel. I´m 26 years old and studying Kommunikation and Media Management at the University Karlsruhe.  I decided to start this Blog because I live my hole life here in Karlsruhe. Maybe I can recommend you some good restaurants for all purposes- or some event tips or anything other cool stuff. But I think that’s enough from me- lets start directly with my first theme.


Do you already know the “Marrakesch”? It is an small Imbiss at the “Kronenplatz” where you get incredible sandwiches in Moroccan style. It is created for meat eaters and for vegetarians. I had one with fresh salad, “Kefta” and double cheese – delicious. The Prices are absolutely ok and you won´t go out hungry. The Imbiss is open from 12 to 20 o´clock but beware: It closes wenn they have no more food- speaking for great quality or?


See you the next days,







P.S. Did you know that the Christmas Market in Karlsruhe starts at the 27thvon November? Maybe I could tell you something a little bit about it in my next blog entry?! :)

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